Please visit my website at candispham.com for a more updated version of my portfolio and other Computational Media projects.

UCouncil official seal

Created for the College of Computing Undergraduate Council at Georgia Tech, this seal is used on all official documents, promotions, and decorations concerning the organization.  For more information on the group, feel free to their website at visit http://www.gtuc.org.

This logo was created for the t-shirts for the Georgia Tech’s Women@the College of Computing’s participation in the Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing 2009 in Tuscan, Arizona.  Though this was created for the t-shirts for the conference, it’s design will continue to be used for future t-shirts.

This logo was created for the Georgia Tech Running Wrek organization.

Displayed on posters, fliers, t-shirts, banners, and more, this logo was used for the Women@CC’s spring signature event, CoCaesar’s Palace, a casino night for the GT College of Computing body where the professors are the dealers.  Theme for 2010: “Fim Noir.”

Aarthi Kumar, an aspiring musical artist, contacted me through the contact form on my website,www.candispham.com.  Her agent needed a professional press kit put together to take to the Grammy awards in the next week and a half.  Though it was short notice, I felt this could be a fun and exciting design opportunity and eagerly took up the challenge.  In that week and a half I was able to create all of the materials listed below as well as completely edit photographs (from initial touchups to artistic design) for two photo shoots.

– Custom Logo
– Postcard
– Business Card
– Binder Cover
– Envelope Design
– Photography Editing
– 12 page Portfolio Booklet
– Letterhead
– CD Cover

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