FREE Engagement Photography Session!

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John and I won a FREE engagement photo session with the wonderful Whitney Beth at Emphasis Photography and we just got our sneak peak photo ūüėÄ (After being engaged for almost 2 years, I’m so glad we finally won something, lol … and boy did we win big!).

Whitney was amazing, always keeping the atmosphere lively and fun, and she had a super talented eye for creative shots. ¬†It was soooo much fun going around to different places in Atlanta and taking pictures. ¬†We were out there for over five and a half hours getting all kinds of shots and seeing all kinds of neat places. ¬†We went from parks to abandoned buildings, from FOX theater to churches, from parking garages to railroad tracks ^_^. ¬†I would definitely recommend Emphasis Photography to anyone. ¬†We had an amazing time and I almost can’t wait until we get to see the rest of the photos in the next week or two. ¬†Anyhoo,¬†I was super excited, so I thought I’d share ūüėõ

Kittle Photo Placeholders!

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As a web designer/developer and a lover of kitties, I am in love, love, LOVE with this website!! ¬†¬†A quick and simple service for getting pictures of kittens for use as placeholders in your designs or code. Just put your image size (width¬†&¬†height) after the URL and you’ll get a¬†placeholder.

Like this:

Demolition of the Roosevelt House, Atlanta

•February 27, 2011 • 1 Comment

The Atlanta Housing Authority on Sunday imploded Roosevelt House, former public housing for senior citizens and disabled residents. With that and another building, the nation’s first city to try public housing projects now completes a 16-year effort to tear most of them down.

Georgia Tech Video Production Dialog Assignment

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This video was the third video assignment created for my Video Production class taught by Professor Blumenthal. It’s focus was on dialog. ¬†Overall, I think we did well. ¬†However, we had forgotten to check the sound levels when recording. ¬†Though the dialog sounded perfect in the boom mic and headphones, during editing, the static was overwhelming. ¬†I was able to tweak some of the sound in editing, but our film could have been completely compromised because we forgot to check the sound levels beforehand.

For this project I was the editor and a main actress (GTer). The film is a play off of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the scene where Rosencrantz & Guildenstern play of game of Questions.

GT Video Production Class – Video 3

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This is supposed to be a cut-to-music short video. ¬†I was a Producer :). ¬†Music: ¬†“You are the Best Thing,” by¬†Ray LaMontagne.

GT Video Production Class – Video 1

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So for our first assignment, we were asked to make a short sports film.  I was the camera person :).  Comments and criticisms are more than welcome!

Freelance Project: Aarthi Kumar Press Kit

•February 4, 2011 • 1 Comment

Aarthi Kumar, an aspiring musical artist, contacted me through the contact form on my website, Her agent needed a professional press kit put together to take to the Grammy awards in the next week and a half. Though it was short notice, I felt this could be a fun and exciting design opportunity and eagerly took up the challenge. In that week and a half I was able to create all of the materials listed below as well as completely edit photographs (from initial touchups to artistic design) for two photo shoots.

– Custom Logo
– Binder Cover
– Portfolio Booklet
– Photography Editing
– Business Card
– CD Cover
– Envelope
– Postcard
– Letterhead