Thank You Georgia Tech, For Preparing Me

As a Computational Media alumna of Georgia Tech (that just feels so GOOD to say!), it’s sometimes striking how well Tech actually did prepare me for the real world.  I may not have realized it before.  I mean, let’s face it, some of the assignments and classes seemed downright pointless!  However, it may not be until after the fact that you really appreciate the value of all of those frustrating projects, the picky professors, having to work with the most obnoxious and back-stabbing type of people, the bad grades you didn’t think you deserved, all those times you were forced to pull all-nighters, each time so you wouldn’t FAIL the class because of that one assignment.

The biggest thing I think Tech taught me was not necessarily the material itself (because yes, I DO still believe some of it was COMPLETELY pointless).  Tech’s biggest lesson was forcing me to grow up, teaching me to be a hard-working professional, prodding me to work with others and use my time wisely, showing me how to excel in the competitive work world and be the best I can truely be.

So I guess yes Georgia Tech.  Thank you for pushing me and poking me and sometimes shoving me through doors I had never noticed existed before.  I see now that like a good parent, you were just doing what you thought was best for me to develop.  My college diploma is not just a piece of paper signifying that I got out.  It symbolizes the fact that I had an experience.  It shows that I am prepared for whatever comes my way.  It’s a big world out there and because of you, I feel ready and confident to take it on.

~ by Candis on May 12, 2011.

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