World, meet Eeshie. Eeshie, meet World

Alowesious “Eeshie” Tate, formally known as Scorpio at the Atlanta Humane Society, is mine and John’s new baby and Zippo’s new big brother :P.

We had gone into the shelter with our hearts set on an adorable little kitten to be Zippo’s new little bother, but we got there and it was being adopted by someone else right then … but then we decided to look around some more … just because … and we kind of fell in love with this old guy.  He is definitely the nicest cat I’ve ever met, and Zippo has already become quite fond of him and licks his head whenever he can.  Eeshie is six years old and only has one eye and a half mustache, which can be slightly intimidating, but I couldn’t imagine a sweeter cat.  He loves to run around and play with Zippo, sit in our laps and purr for no real reason, and sometimes even has meowing conversations with me ;P.  He loves to be in the same room as John and I … sometimes going out of his way to just be within view.  It’s like he’s afraid we’re going to leave him … but as far as we’re concerned, we’ll be here for him for as long as he wants us =^.^=.  It’s amazing how we hadn’t planned on getting an older cat at all, but I’m really glad we now have Eeshie … it’s funny how sometimes life works out that way.

~ by Candis on May 10, 2011.

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