New Job!! American Cancer Society – Search Marketing Intern

Probably one of the best early birthday presents EVER!  I’m extremely excited to accept an internship offer to be a part of the American Cancer Society – Nation Home Office – Digital Experience Team!!!!!

It feels like one of those major changes in one’s life … like when I moved to Atlanta from Arkansas … or like when I said “I do” to John … it’s a misty and foreign road ahead, but I’m embracing it.  In order to take this position, I have to leave PLAE, I have to leave that sense of security and familiarity with not only the people and place, but the position.  By taking this, I’m not guarenteed a job after graduation.  I’ve never worked for a huge company before where I needed a badge and had my own cubicle (being a GT student assistant is definitely not the same … too small community).  I have absolutely no idea where I’m going to end up, no clue as to if this even the right way to go … and it’s scary.  I guess sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith in order to grow.

~ by Candis on January 28, 2011.

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