New Image Slideshow for my Portfolio Website

So yay for having more time to work on my portfolio website over the holiday break.  I’ve added an image slider to display some of my featured works and categories.  However… the unity factor just doesn’t look right.  This type of feature is meant to go at the top of the page, but I didn’t want to throw off my computer-kitty-banner theme… and I don’t want to get rid of that because it’s my own little subtle “prelude” into the page content.  Maybe if I add some SEO just some text below it it’ll look better.  Or maybe it’d help to finish the banner for this page :P.  I may scratch this and do something else, but for now, here’s my new sliders!  🙂

As always, comments, critiques, and advice is always welcome!  🙂

~ by Candis on December 23, 2010.

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