Women@CC – Raising Sign-ups by 700%!!

Georgia Tech FASET.  The Women@CC don’t traditionally recruit at FASET.  We just have such a targeted group of people to advertise to, most people wouldn’t find the time worth it.  At the summer FASET, we recruited 1 out of the 3 girls that were majoring in computing.  At the second FASET, we recruited one more.

Then came FASET 3.  We recruited 7 girls (one was even biochem!) … and raised our average up by 700% :D.

The Women@CC

The Women@CC is all about “Welcoming, Supporting, and Celebrating Women in Computing at Georgia Tech.”  It’s no secret that guys greatly outnumber girls at Georgia Tech… that whole dreaded ration thing?  😛  Well, get this.  In the College of Computing at the end of this past Spring semester, the girl to guy ratio was 1 girl for every 7 guys!

With a ratio like that, it’s always nice to know the other girls who can relate.  The Women@CC are a unique breed of women coming together to talk about our many professional opportunities, academic endeavors and of course have fun!  If you’re classes start to weigh you down, chances are that there are girls in the Women@CC who have gone through those classes before and would be happy to help you out.  Our events range from exclusive corporate luncheons and tech talks (with companies such as Avanade, Google, Yahoo, and Harris) to fun community building events (such as the Yahoo! Field Day Picnic) and from movie nights to Computing Conferences around the world.  This coming semester, we’re even taking a bunch of our girls to the FOX theater to see The Sound of Music … FREE!


~ by Candis on July 15, 2010.

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