Implementing Programming into Web Development

When it comes to web development and implementation, I’m pretty much self-taught.  There’s plenty of classes that teach you the basics, the fundamentals of such and such, coding in many different languages, the importance of the web and evolving technologies, but when it comes to actual web development, sometimes you kind of just have to teach yourself and learn from what people around you have to say.

At Eclipse, we recently secured a client wanting a website that manages and lists upcoming open houses in the Alamance area.  This will prove to be a great resource for Realtors as advertising their open houses can get expensive and this website provides a fairly cheap way to reach a whole lot of people.  What’s exciting for me about this though is that this is the first website that involves a lot more than just html, css, and flash, but computer programming.  I’ll have the opportunity to partner up with the company’s computer programmer to create a new type of web site.  I’m so excited.  I’ve always loved to learn new things and this internship is opening up all kinds of new possibilities for me ^_^.

~ by Candis on July 7, 2010.

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