Georgia Tech FASET – Freshman Orientation

With summer at Georgia Tech comes GT Freshman Orientation!  This year, the Women@CC are representing the CoC by hosting a table at the organizations fair.  Here, incoming students can peruse just some of the hundreds of student organizations at Georgia Tech.  This years FASETs are as follows…

Thursday, June 24 – 25 (for summer freshmen)

FASET 1: Sunday, July 11 – Monday, July 12

FASET 2: Thursday, July 15 – Friday July 16

FASET 3: Sunday, July 25 – Monday, July 26

FASET 4: Thursday, July 29 – Friday, July 30

FASET 5: Thursday, August 12 – Friday, August 13

FASET 6: Wednesday, August 18 – Thursday, August 19

I got together with some of the Women@CC to build a backdrop and table display for the FASETs.  I completely fail at glueing letters onto the backboard while it’s laying backwards in front of me.  We decided the backwards letters almost give it a goofy charm :P.  Also, if you’re an incoming freshman, come visit us at the organizations fair!  … and ask us about the little holes my cat left in the backboard.  It’s a funny story ^_^.

For more information about FASET, visit, their website at or

Go Yellow Jackets!  Whooo!

~ by Candis on June 24, 2010.

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