Bring Your Pet to Work Day!

After telling my co-workers about my new kitten, my amazing boss let us have a “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” at Eclipse.  I brought Zippo while one of my co-workers brought her dog Scooter.  Another one of my-coworkers thought about bringing her roomba, lol.  Unfortunately, the vacuum part doesn’t work anymore so she didn’t bring it… sad.  😦

So… I learned today that Zippo does NOT like dogs, even cute, sweet, small dogs.  Poor Zippo… every time Scooter even came by for a casual sniff, Zippo would arch up and hiss… and then Scooter would respond by barking.  Zippo and I eventually moved to the main room so that we could all get  our work done.  Hopefully Zippo’s just going through something and he’ll eventually learn to like tolerate dogs, but until then I guess this little kitty’s staying at home.

Zippo crashing after a very exciting work day 😀

~ by Candis on June 15, 2010.

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