Thank Goodness the Water is Included…

So who knew setting up utilities was so tiring?

Georgia Tech spoiled us a little bit but having everything included… and with unlimited usage… water, electricity, cable with hundreds of channels, one of the fastest internets available … but even using all of that excessively wouldn’t have saved us any money staying on campus.  By moving off campus, we’re saving about $400/month!  … music to an out-of-state GT student’s ears!  ^_^

But back to setting up utilities… and finding the cheapest/best deals available  … bleeeeh.  There’s only one Atlanta electricity provider (Georgia Power), so that one was easy, but for gas, cable, and internet, there are so many providers and plans, and then there’s the little tiny contract details you need to worry about… we didn’t want to walk into a trap.

After days of researching though, we finally settled on Direct TV, AT&T/Bellsouth, and Georgia Natural Gas.  We got mid-range plans, but with us splitting it three ways, it’s not to bad :D.

… at least water is included :P.

~ by Candis on May 12, 2010.

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