$1 Burgers

Do you randomly get those sudden urges for something so disgustingly greasy, so typically American, that you’ll go for a drive after a long day of work and classes, stay up way past your bedtime and go to the nearest Burger King for $1 double cheeseburgers?  Yeah, we did.  … and they were GOOOOOOD.

I was exhausted.  I wake up every morning at 7 for three hours of working for PLAE, three hours of class, and then on Wednesdays I also have two hours of working for the  College of Computing, and at least four hours of film screenings.  It was almost 10 when I got home and I still had homework to do.  So… to get a good night’s sleep, I usually try to be in bed by midnight.  John and Michael had just seen a Burger King commercial… and we were all hungry.  Good-bye sleep.  Hellloooooo greasy amazingness.  ^_^

~ by Candis on January 20, 2010.

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