TL Fabulousness

TL = Team Leader for the GT1000 freshman leap courses… or as known for Computer Science majors, CS1100.  Linda and I went to our first TL meeting today with TLs from all the GT1000 classes.

GT1000 is supposed to be the easiest course at Georgia Tech.  It’s something every GT student has to take, but most students just come, sign an attendance sheet, and listen.  Computer Science is a special case… CS1100… which functions by a different curriculum and administration.  It was actually kind of weird getting to see the perspectives from the other majors.  Listening to their talks about field trips and journal writing for the students.  … we don’t do that in the CS1100 class.  We have corporate talks, projects, presentations, and computing related activities.  Sometimes being at the CoC makes you forget that other majors exist.  Nevertheless, it was cool getting to see what everyone else was doing.

~ by Candis on January 19, 2010.

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