Day #2: Easy??? If Only Staying Awake was Easy…

High heels and old creeky buildings do not go well together.  I wanted to look good for the first day of my Tuesday/Thursday classes.  New jeans, black high-heeled boots, classy black shirt.  I was ready to learn (meet new people) and meet another new day in the new semester.  The building was old and dusty, barely any signs of life in it’s empty corridors.  The clip-clop of my heels mixed in with the creeks of the hard, wooden flooring.  A friend and I had decided to take this class simply because of the rumor that it was an easy A.  It had absolutely nothing to do with my major.  I had no idea what to expect, and walking around lost in the unfamiliar building didn’t help.

The class didn’t start until maybe ten minutes after it was supposed to.  Ryan stumbled in maybe ten minutes later.  I was already bored.  The professor was an older women whose voice was almost as expressionless as her face.  Ryan and I were passing each other notes, kids around us were texting their friends… Ryan fell asleep a minimum of four times.  It was an hour and a half long lecture.

Just based off of the course syllabus, the class was going to be as easy as we had thought it would be.  One essay, one midterm, have to visit some museum, and one group project.  We decided to drop it because we couldn’t take the vast excitement that was staring at the insides of our eyelids.

The class I’m taking in place of this one is focused around Martial Arts cinema.  This has already started out as an interesting semester.

~ by Candis on January 12, 2010.

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