Knock Knock, it’s the Real World Calling…

I am OFFICIALLY a year and a half away from graduation.  I absolutely love my life.  I have a wonderful, supportive finace, a great group of friends, good grades, good relations with my family, I’m healthy… and I have a decent flow of money earning. But then again, that’s the daunting part.  I keep getting these jobs, I only have 1.5 years until graduation, John and I are engaged and working on moving into a house off campus… life’s going so fast! What’s this craziness of transitioning from my college bubble to the real world???

I’ve gotten so used to my routines… classes, work, working out, student organizations, get home, spend time with John, do homework, go to sleep, and then wake up and do it all over again.  I’m very used to hanging around a lot of different people, having to only deal with easy, student assistant jobs, having a bunch of safety nets.

I’ve very happy with my perfect class schedule for next semester.  Four easy, fun classes and one extremely hard, but needed and WANTED class.  I love my student organizations, being the chair of the Women@CC and being in the Undergraduate Council.  I’m VERY happy with my new job at PLAE.  I feel it will really help me grow as a professional and an individual.  I’ve always loved my student assistant job at the College of Computing.  It was home to me… when Giselle and Alicia took me in when I first came to this crazy place.  I was lonely shy kid from Batesville, Arkansas coming to the big, busy world of Atlanta, Georgia… and now I love it here.  Also, with my student assistant job being a Federal Work Study job, I can’t lose it either.  I can’t afford Georgia Tech’s out-of-state tuition without that piece of financial aide at the beginning of the semester.  I love my mentoring job… helping incoming freshman adjust to college life.  … and I was now offered an Internship with the InVenture Prize broadcast.

I don’t want to drop anything for the Spring semester, but I don’t know if I can do it all (15 hours of classes, 4 part time jobs, two student organizations, time to eat and sleep, and you know… a life).  I don’t want to not be able to focus enough on one thing either.  I need to keep my grades up, but I should probably start letting some of the student organization and smaller jobs go and start focusing more on my career and job outlook.  It’s like transitioning from high school to college all over again… not as drastic, but the same concept.  What do you let go and what do you hold on to as you take that next step in your life.  I don’t know.  It looks like craziness ahead, but we’ll see :).

~ by Candis on December 16, 2009.

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