Registraion… I GOT WHAT I WANTED!!!

My Current Schedule…. for Spring

* Film History – I’m taking this class as a LCC specialty elective (film). I’ve heard nothing but good things about this professor.  Hopefully he lives up to the expectations 😛

* Global Cinema -Same supposedly amazing professor, lol. None of the films in this class are more than a decade old (one of our films is District 9!). Win!

* Computing & Society -my LAST required computer science class (aside from the rest of my specialty electives).  The professor teaching it is the same professor that I had for my first CS class ever… and I absolutely loved him. Fun British accents always make a class more easy to pay attention, lol.   Coincidence for the whole first and now last thing? … well, so I purposefully signed up for this guy over two others, but the fact that he’s available to teach the class is pretty much fate. Though most of the CS professors here are pretty much a win ^_^

*Computer Graphics – CS Specialty Elective. Yes, I chose this class when I didn’t have to. This class is going to be SOOOOOooo hard! The overall average for the semester right now is around a 50. Thank goodness for the curves ^_^.

* Introduction to Museums – Completely irrelevant to my major, but it’s supposed to be a nice free elective. I’m taking it with a couple of friends. Please be an an easy A!!!

~ by Candis on November 19, 2009.

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