When the Unexpected is Pretty Much Expected

Atlanta traffic.

Coming from a small city, it’s not unusual to see me zipping by on empty streets.  I like it.  I love the high speed-limits of open roads, the wind in my hair.

You’re not really always able to do that in Atlanta.  There’s traffic.  Everywhere.  So many stoplights.  So many stop-signs… and other cars!  Earlier today, John and I went to the store.  It was a routine grocery run.  There wasn’t anything special going on in the neighborhood.  Yet… though there was just a trickle of cars coming into Wal-mart, the line to get out of the parking lot was backed up around the entire length of the lot.  As it turned out, it was just a broken stop light.  Our lane wasn’t going anywhere and the traffic on the other side never stopped.

If you saw me 2 years ago in the same situation, an excited, college freshman with to much energy, faced with the agonizing wait of Atlanta traffic, you wouldn’t have felt sorry for me.  No, you would have laughed with milk coming out of your nose from the hilarity that was me freaking out about the completely halted traffic.

Two years later and what I would hope to call maturity on my side, these things are simply… expected.  Yaaay.

~ by Candis on November 17, 2009.

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