House Hunting

The convenience of Georgia Tech housing is definite.  It’s so close to all your classes, you can run home in between classes.  The security is a definite plus, especially in the middle of Atlanta.  The RA’s are amazing and there’s a lot of community building events.  The internet is top quality.  We get over 100 TV channels.  The utilities cost is fixed.  There’s even already some furniture, maintenance people to help with brakes and leaks, and two fridges!  But do we really need all that?  That way of living gets expensive… and I mean really expensive.  I would recommend living on campus to any freshman or sophomore, but as you get older, it’s just not as necessary.   John and I did the math, and we can save over $2000 a semester by moving off campus (factoring in utilities, parking, internet, everything)… and we get to keep our cat ^_^.

John and I plan to move off campus starting in the summer and we found the perfect little house for rent.  It’s the perfect size, the perfect color, the perfect distance from campus.  I love it’s plants and flowers, the little white picket fence.  I desperately want it… but can’t get it just yet since we’re locked in by contract for GT housing.  …. hopefully we’ll find a way.

HouseFront of House

~ by Candis on November 11, 2009.

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