Only At Tech

It’s a FMyLife site made just for Georgia Tech.  Yes, I spent the last 2 hours on that site instead of studying for my big Constructing Proofs test.  Whoever came up with the site is genius ^_^.  Gotta love Tech…. 😛

Just a dash of the hilarity that you would only understand if you went to Tech^_^:

– I witnessed a guy cross the street during busy traffic and upon asking him what he was thinking, he responded with, “Well, if I get hit by a Stinger, I get free tuition, and if I don’t live, my roommate gets free tuition!” Only at Tech.

– Everyone knows the Brittain Orange Challenge. You swipe oranges from Brittain and hurl them as hard as you can towards Bobby Dodd and try to make it over. You need to be running approximately 5 m/s before and the initial velocity of the orange must be approximately 30.3 m/s to succeed.Only at Tech

– We’re at a school where women are like parking spaces:  all the good ones are taken, and the rest… handicapped… Only at Tech

– Three weeks prior to the launch of Windows 7, if I told any of my friends that I was using Vista they would laugh at me an respond, “You’re STILL using Vista?” Only at Tech.

– Its 1:40 in the morning and a fire alarm went off. The majority of the people outside are fully dressed and some have their laptops. Like me who’s sending this in. Only at Tech

~ by Candis on November 4, 2009.

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