Registration Fail

Oh registration.

Ummm.. okay.  X_x  … Yeah, so the schedule I wanted is nowhere near what I ended up getting.  The classes I wanted just filled up way to quickly!  To all the prospective students out there, this is where transfer credits come in handy.  If you can get slightly ahead of your group, you can register before them and get the classes you want.  However, some of my college classes I took in high school didn’t transfer, so I’m slightly behind in credit hours compared to my incoming class and the fact that they can register a full day before me is killing me.  I need the same classes, but they get to go first.  I mean, it’s my fault.  I’m behind.  I should have taken more hours in previous semesters to make up for things… and the 6 credit hours I got from taking classes in Spain over the summer don’t transfer until after spring registration.  …. grrr

Pictured LEFT:  Schedule I wanted…


Pictured RIGHT:  Schedule I may end up having (filled with classes that don’t necessarily do me any good… except for free electives)…. and just as a side note, but of them are missing about 4 hours worth of film screenings X_x

BTW, using FREE schedulers such as or are aMAzing.  They really helped me in the planning… even if  I couldn’t get all the classes I wanted :S

*sign * … I set up a meeting with my adviser (CM has a really good adviser; ❤ her ^_^) so hopefully that helps.  I also put in some overrides, so … there’s still time to fix it 🙂 …

~ by Candis on November 2, 2009.

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