As the Women@CC Chair, I may be a little biased, but Phantasma was amazing!!  It may have been one of the best CoC student organizations events this semester.  So many people came, everyone seemed to be getting really involved with the contests and games and seemed to be having fun.


It started to rain, so we had to resort to our rain location in the Klaus Atrium.  This was actually our first choice of location, but because there was another event that didn’t end until 3p, we out it down as a back-up.  It’s a good thing we did because we couldn’t have had the entire event outside.  We only had an hour to set up, but so many people came to help out.  It all pulled together really well.


We had so many pther participating student organizations.  The face painting and caricatures was sponsored by Gourd, the Chubby Bunny food eating contest sponsored by UPE, the FIREwall did Musical Chairs, M@CC did the Trick or Treat Roulette game, and SAB and CISCO brought Trivia.  When I took the position of Women@CC Chair, one of my main goals was to bring the student organizations more together to bring more people together.  This event makes me happy ^_^.



There were so many events, contests, and interesting people at Phantasma this year… I took over 90 pictures!  To see more of my pictures, feel free to visit my Picasa page at

~ by Candis on October 30, 2009.

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