Home Sweet Home- Back to Atlanta

We’re going home!  GHC, as usual, was absolutely amazing.  I love all the new people you meet and stories you hear, the sessions you go to and and things that you learn.   I love all the new places you get to go to, companies you get to talk to, and stuff you get to take back home with you (physically as well as mentally, haha).  I love all the relationships you build and wonderful Women@CC members that you get to bond with while on the trip :D.  But as fun as it was, I’m happy to be going back home to Atlanta and my sweetheart.

Although, next year, the GHC will be in Atlanta!  The preview video shown as the last keynote made Atlanta look amaaazing (I really wanted to post the video on here… it was that awesome… but I can’t seem to find it).  It makes me want to visit places in Atlanta that I didn’t want to go to before!  lol.  jk jk.  I’m a little bummed we don’t get to travel anywhere new next year, but I’m SUPER excited we get to send a lot more Women@CC members to the conference!  Whoo hoo!  😀

~ by Candis on October 3, 2009.

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