Grace Hopper Conference Day #4

This morning while on the bus from our hotel to the conference center, I met this really nice lady from the University of Connecticut (If you ever go to a conference, GHC or other, DEFINITELY take advantage of the fact that  most of the people there don’t know most of the other people there.  Try starting conversations with them.  They expect it.  You never know who you may meet).  We talked about a lot of things… our interests, her research, our experiences.  During one point in the conversation she recommended checking out the SIGGRAPH conference during the summer.   The Grace Hopper Conference is a general conference focused mainly towards women in the fields of computer science.  As a Computational Media major, it’s sometimes hard to find an aspect of the conference that focuses towards what I want to do.  As it turns out, the SIGGRAPH conference is a huge conference directed towards computer graphics and animations!!  I was so excited.  I’m going to definetely check it out.


To find out more information for yourself, feel free to visit there website at

~ by Candis on October 2, 2009.

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