Grace Hopper Conference Day #3


I absolutely love this conference.  This is the third year I’ve attended and it’s just great.  It’s always full of amazing people all with crazy experiences and stories.  For example one of our keynote speakers was just indited as a Dame!  There’s plenty of great advice for both your social life and your professional life.  Not to mention, there’s always lots of corporate companies with job opportunities and SWAG!  lol


The STARR Hotel and Spa is amazing.  We’re staying in Doubletree, which is also amazing (they give you so much complimentary stuff including facewash, sunscreen, toothpaste… FREE freshly baked chocolate chip cookies), but Doubletree didn’t have the amazing view and pool area that STARR did.  😛


Cacti are so amazingly entertaining.  I never would have thought I would enjoy them so much.  I guess it’s just the new experience or something, but Arizona is so cool!  … and the dry air actually does wonders for my complexion and hair (as opposed to the overbearing humidity of Atlanta).

~ by Candis on October 1, 2009.

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