Grace Hopper Conference Day #1

The Plane Ride

Mental note to self:  make sure to charge laptop before the 4 hour flight I plan to do work on.  I could have swore I charged it last night, but I guess I forgot.  I did go to bed really late… so I guess it could have just slipped my mind.  It’s actually really weird sitting in between 4 different people, three of which are on a laptop… and I’m the computing major :P.  These people are exceptionally interesting though… talked to each of them for a little while (it was a really long flight)… so I guess this is a special case.  There’s teh fashion designer for Los Angelas in her long red dress watching a romantic comedy about a couple of dog lovers.  There’s the middle aged guy just coming back from his first high school reunion playing solitaire.  There’s the nice old couple from Mexico, the husband frantically typing away on some sort of proposal.  Then there’s me.. my pen on paper, throwing words on a page because I don’t really know what else to do.  I feel so lost without my computer, lol.

~ by Candis on September 29, 2009.

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