Unreal Tournament

For all of you video game fanatics, no, I’m not referring to the shooter video game.  I mean the program builder environment…  meh.

In my “Constructing a Moving Image” class today, we just started incorporating our Maya files with Unreal Tournament.  It was crazy.  For a program that was used in the production of games such as the Gears of War, you’d think it’d be more reliable and user friendly!  Just maneuvering around the environment takes some getting used to.  It’s also super picky about how many polygons are in your Maya object, so you can’t really get to fancy.   Also, apparently it’s not to mac friendly… I guess it’s time to bring out the old Dell!   Oh well, hopefully it gets better.  Today was just the first day!  😛

~ by Candis on September 18, 2009.

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