Apartment Harrassment

They shot it.  Someone/some people shot our apartment door not with paintball bullets this time, but bb bullets.

We heard a lot of shots fired at our door, but when we tried to look out the peep-hole, it was covered.  We opened the door to find someone had covered it with a name-tag and had shot a bunch of bb’s at our door…. dents in the door and wall… bb’s on the floor.  I’m not liking all the harassment my apartment is getting… NOT cool.  Apparently there’s been people knocking and then running too (not while I’m around) and someone stole the exit sign outside our apartment (housing’s aleady replaced it).  We’ve contacted housing every time something happens, but Grrrrrrrr … just because they’re in college doesn’t make them anymore mature than when they were high school… *sigh*

~ by Candis on September 15, 2009.

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