Thursdays = *Sigh*

Thursdays are my most exhausting days of the week.  Every Thursday, I wake up at 8:30 to shower, get ready for the day, eat a brunch and then head off to work.  From there I have a series of classes, work, and meetings until 9:00p (and no time for lunch).  It doesn’t help that the last thing on my list is a lab from 6:00p – 9:00p.  :S …. meh.

It’s actually not to hard to get a decent schedule and not have to deal with this problem.  However, when you start having to take a lot of classes with recitations and labs, your schedule gets filled pretty quickly.  My advice?  Don’t take two CS courses and a lab science all in the same semester if you can avoid it.  It’s hard for me because I’m at that awkward credit hour point where I’m slightly behind my entering class (not all of my college credits transfered) so I get shafted during registration.  But no worries.  At least I have my wonderful John to make me dinner for when I get home so late ^_^.  Chicken omelets tonight!  lol.  I ❤ my John  <333

~ by Candis on September 3, 2009.

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