So this year John and I decided not to get a meal plan.  I learned to cook by watching my mom cook… and proud of it :P.  Don’t get me wrong, … a meal plan definitely has it’s high points!  If your idea of cooking is pouring milk and cereal into a bowl or you just absolutely cannot cook, you should probably get a meal plan.  If your busier than me and only have time to run into Woody’s for a quick bite before you sprint to Chemistry lab, more power to ya.  It just wasn’t for me.

My freshman year, I got the 10 meals per week.  As a freshman, that was an awesome meal plan to have.  There was lunch and dinner and then a few meals that allowed room for me to cook and go out with friends.  I never really could use all 10 meals a week though.  My second year I switched to 75 meals total.  That was better in terms of trying to get my money’s worth (it averages out to $5-$7 a meal using a meal plan!!… I just don’t eat enough to make it worth it), but I still ended up with extra meals at the end.

Now, going into my third year and kind of low on finances, I just figured it would be cheaper (and tastier) to just cook my own meals.  I would definitely recommend the meal plans to newer students (being that freshman experience students are required to buy a meal plan is besides the point), but after a couple of years of basically the same kinds of stuff, it was time to break away.  Besides… I don’t mean to brag but…. John and I are EXCELLENT cooks ;P… my mom’s recipe’s, his mom’s recipe, our own creations… YUM.

However, sometimes it’s just nice to go out to eat (now all these crazy college students who think fast food and buying food is the way to go, you’re crazy).  Every once in a while, John treats me to a nice meal… Wingnuts is a nice campus meal, lol.  The food’s delicious, it’s close to campus, and the delivery guys has come to know and like us (not because we eat there to much… he’s just cool like that).   Today John and I decided to celebrate overcoming financial obstacles by buying Wingnuts for the first time since early summer semester…. It was aMAAAAAAAAAzing!  😛


~ by Candis on August 25, 2009.

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