Toto… I Think We’re Back in [Ar]Kansas…

(1)  The Flight

I love being financial able to fly to Arkansas and am so grateful that Ellen was able to get me a buddy-pass.  Non-revenue flying is definitely an experience though.  There’s usually not a probably with flying stand-by… especially to AR.  There’s always empty seats available.  That is… unless there’s a big storm the night before that causes a lot of flights to be canceled, a lot more people having to be put on stand-by, and then even more of the same storm in the place you’re going the day of.  We decided to stay home an extra day to let the chaos calm down.  They next day we tried again and were in the airport for 12 hours before finally changing our flight to Memphis (I have more family there).  We got on the first flight.  All was great… until we got there and found out that they had already sent our luggage to Little Rock *sighs*.  At least we got there!  yay

(2)  The Summary

The family’s great.  My siblings are as crazy as usual and my parents treat me like I still live with them.  Fun.  I did love getting to go get to go play tennis, bowling, and lounging around on the couch watching Animal Planet and getting to take a break from the busy life.  I got to see some of my close friends from high school and got to show John the place were I grew up.  It’s not fancy, nor grand in any way, but it’s still home.  Home sweet home.  🙂

(3)  Going Home

The Little Rock airport is almost embarrassing.  … but then again, that’s after getting used to the Atlanta airport, the largest/busiest in the US.  Little Rock’s was so small, there’s only one terminal with MAYBE ten gates.

So getting on an airplane wasn’t nearly as bad as the getting to Arkansas, but we still got there to early (such a small airport doesn’t call for a very long wait through security) and then our flight got delayed due to maintainance problems.  Future note though… if you’re flying as a non-revenue passenger, your luggage doesn’t come with every one elses.  You have to go to a special place to pick it up.  No one told us and we waited with the other passengers for an hour and a half (until they took Little Rock off the baggage claim computer) before finally asking to track our bag down :S.  Yay for finally making it back!  Yay Tech!  ^_^

~ by Candis on August 9, 2009.

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