Camp Kids vs. Workshop Teachers

It’s really kind of funny working with teachers at the workshops (ages 30+) one day and then summer camp kids (4-5th grade camps, 6-8th grade camps, and 9-12th grade camps) who are learning the same technology the next day.  Each group has different strengths and weaknesses and it’s interesting to note them.  Sometimes however, it’s just more amusing to pay attention to the similarities instead ;P.

Small kids are generally more creative.  I’m not sure why… maybe it’s just they haven’t felt the burdens of “grown-up” life and therefore are more free to venture… everywhere.  From engineering crazy carnival rides to spinning, light-up lanterns and video games full of mischievous glamor, kids really do explore it all.  Teachers on the other hand (especially the older ones) tend to follow the step by step instructions and are less likely to explore outside the box.

Also, sometimes it’s just easier to teach younger kids.  When I first took this job, I thought it was going to be the complete opposite.  Teachers know to listen to you, right?  Wrong.  Most teachers are teachers, period.  They like to be more in control of the situation and don’t always like to admit they’re wrong.  I’m not saying that little kids like to be corrected.  It’s just sometimes harder to convince an older person that’d they’re wrong.

Also, kids and teenagers are just more used to computing.  They know how to drag and drop, cut and paste, … believe it or not, there were some teachers and the workshops who didn’t know how to draw a pumpkin with paint! … and they’re the ones training to become computing teachers.  I give them props though.  They’re really trying.  I mean… they REALLY try.  It may be harder to grasp something, but they don’t give up.  It’s a great thing that they’re aspireing to do.  Yay teachers! 🙂

~ by Candis on July 20, 2009.

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