Día 40 y 41: Malaga y Travel

(1)  Malaga

OMG.  Malaga is SOOOO much bigger than I thought it would be!  It’s not Madrid or anything, but let’s put it this way… Sarah and I got lost (for at least half an hour) walking to the hostal… after the taxi driver dropped us off, pointed in a direction, and said, “100 feet that way.”  In our defense, there were two streets right next to each other and we simply went down the wrong one :P, lol.  Naw… it wasn’t really all that big, but it was pretty cool.  They had some really pretty parks.  The beach was pretty cool too (though I still have yet to find one that beats the San Jose beach… still my favorite, mainly for the rocks, view, and clear water).  I think if we had stayed another day or two, it could have been a really cool mini vacation.  Some things that would have been cool to do but we didn’t have time to do were the Picasso museam, Picasso’s house, the botanical gardens, the cathedral…

(2)  Vamos a la Puerta!

Eating Kinder chocolate, playing “veo con mis ojos pequinos,” singing “Vamos a la Puerta (we’re going to the gate (airport gate),” … good fun ^_^.  Spain was fun, but SOOO happy to be home!!!

~ by Candis on July 13, 2009.

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