Día 38: Granada- Just Another Lazy Afternoon

(1)  Stores That Aren’t Open on the Weekends = No Bueno

All I need is one item… ONE item people!!!!  And I need it NOW!  Grrrrrr.  Maybe I’m spoiled because of Wal-Mart and such… but who ever heard of everything (well… mostly everything) closing down for the weekends… craziness I tell you… CRAZINESS!

(2)  Finals in Dos Dias!!

The countdown… finally begins.  Well like… I don’t know.  I can’t really bring myself to really care about this test.  I’m a 1A student… I know more Spanish than most of the people in the class.  I’ll be fine… right? Right???  😛  It should be fine.

(3)  Land-lady y Familia Moving in

So after most of us leave (me, Sarah, Jose, Tana, Teresa… maybe Shannon and Samantha), Yaquelin and her son (and maybe her boyfriend?  no se) are moving upstairs.  A few 15-ish year old American boys are moving in and Yaquelin has to be around to make sure they meet their curfew, don’t drink alcohol, etc (she was really upset about having to “babysit”).  But yeah.. so now they’re slowly but surely starting to move their things upstairs.  It’s so weird b/c I see them more than ever now.  They’re really nice though.  I’ve been talking to them more now (lol.. I’m learning in my classes :P)… and they’re pretty cool.  Miguel (the 13 year old son) really likes to learn about American pop culture and stuff.  Yaquelin is always trying to teach me more Spanish by pointing to random things about the room.  … and she always calls me Candy (because they can’t really pronounce the ‘s’) or guapa (pretty girl)… it’s pretty cool :).

(4)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 28, 2009.

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