Día 37: Granada- The Last Weekend

(1) Yay for The Office!

So after being woken up at 7 his morning by the crazy radio clock/TV somewhere in the building again, I had full intentions of going for a run… but after not being able to find my pony-tail holder, I went back to sleep :P.

Yay for The Office!  I was so lazy this morning.  I didn’t go running, didn’t study, didn’t really even leave my room… except the bathroom of course…. I just kind of sat around watching The Office.  It’s really funny, and a great way to lighten your spirits when you feel like doing absolutely nothing, lol.


(2)  Awkward Meals

So without the other Americans here (Sarah, Laura, Shannon, Samantha)… lunch and dinner are SUPER awkward.  With me, being the American with the least experience in Spanish, sitting at a table full of Spaniards who just want to talk (at what seems like insanely fast speeds to me, but I know is normal for them), is kind of weird.  Every time I do somehow understand something someone said, and I chip in, it’s like they feel they have to slow down their words to the extremes, and even then I don’t always understand.  It’s just kind of awkward sitting there listening to their happy, full conversations and not being able to understand.  I feel kind of like a creeper just listening in, but I just don’t know what to say :S.

(3)  Yay for Working at the CoC!!

So for the remainder of the summer, once I get back to Atlanta, I’ll be working help teach computational summer camps and teacher workshops for the GT-ICE program (Georgia Tech- Institute for Computing Education).  I had the same job last summer (but for the full summer) and absolutely LOVED it.  The kids who come to the camps are amazing and always so full of energy.

In addition for the remainder of the summer, I’m also going to be working for the GT-COC-OEC (GT- College of Computing- Office of Outreach, Enrollment and Community)… a place I’ve worked at (and LOVED MUCHOS) since first coming to GT two years ago.  I hadn’t originally planned on it for the remainder of the summer (for no real reason), but Cedric (my main boss… the Assistant Dean of the OEC) sent me an email today asking me if I could.  With my financial situation and because I just really like working there, I said yes.  I guess… and then just on top of things… it just feels really good to feel wanted back :).  Yay for the CoC!  lol

(4)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 27, 2009.

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