Día 36: Granada- Sarah’s in Morraco! … y Randomness

(1)  Paid Lindsey Back

I feel better now ^_^.  I had to pay her back in American dollars though.  I didn’t have enough Euros and didn’t want to have to pay another withdrawal fee.  It’s ridiculous how much it costs to travel!!!  This exchange rate is killing me… and then a $5 ATM withdrawal fee every time you need money???  Craziness.  I’m so used to always working so I’ll always have a flow of income… but just watching my numbers drop with each coming week… it’s depressing.  I don’t want to travel overseas again for a VERY long time (unless I have John with me or something, lol.  … b/c then the trip would be awesome no matter what happens or how expensive it is, lol).

(2)  Random Photoshop

It’s what happens when I’m bored, lol.

Photo 29Verde Vestido con fan_3

(3)  Michael Jackson Died???

I found out not even half an hour after it happened… and I’m in SPAIN (lol… the internet… it’s a wonderful thing, no?).  So sad… it was even on the front page of the free Spanish newspaper today! … and then again on the Spanish news channel during lunch… Craziness.

(4)  Sarah’s in Morraco

Yeah, we got the drama all worked out… hopefully never to be spoken about again.  And now’s she’s in Morraco.  Lol.  She’s doing a tour program that visit’s several cities in Africa.  I’m really happy for her because she’s wanted to go back to Africa for like.. THE longest time.  I really wanted to go too… but I couldn’t really afford it :(.  I hope she’s having fun and doesn’t getten bitten by another African fly… and she BETTER come home a not pull another Lagos!!!  lol.

(5)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 26, 2009.

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