Día 35: Granada- The End is Near y ir de Compras

(1)  Only TWO More Days of Classes Left!!

Two more days of classes, the weekend, the final exam, and then a free day Miércoles and and traveling home on Thursday!!!  YAAAAAAYYY!!!

(2) Burger King

American fast food abroad in SOOOO much better than in the states, lol.  I actually really didn’t like Burger King in AR, but there was so much commotion about the one here, I ended up trying it.  All I got was a Whopper, but it was.  AMAZING!  I can’t believe la comidas rapidas in Spain are so much better!  It’s a little more expensive, but the quality is awesome.  Craziness.

(3)  Shopping

Okay… so something I actually really like about Spain.  When July 1st rolls around (and with most stores, the week before tambien), almost every single store in Spain (or maybe just Granada?  No se) has amAAAAzing sales… at least 50% off or more on something (almost everything) in the store.  Fancy silk scarves:  2 Euros.  Really nice handcrafted/hand-painted fans:  2 Euros.  Clothes:  so cheap.  It’s awesome.  I couldn’t help myself yesterday and spent the remainder of my Spanish money on a dress, a fan, a scarf, a postcard, y helado, lol… all for under 20 Euros.  Happinness.

Photo 1Photo 26

(4)  We Figured Out Our Traveling Plans to go HOME!!!!!

Sarah and I have a 7:15 flight out of Malaga (1-2 hours on bus from Granada) next Thursday to return to the states (GOING HOME IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!)… so the original plan was to take the latest bus to Malaga and spend the night in the airport.  We were thinking we could find a bus that would get us there… 3… 4 in the morning.  The latest bus leaving Granada leaves at 9:00p with the earliest the next morning leaving at 7:00.  So yeah… scratched that plan.  That left us with plan B) to leave Granda early Wednesday, spend the day having fun in Malaga, hang out at the beach, visiting the Picasso museam, getting a room at a hostal, getting lots of sleep, and catching our flight with plenty of time to spare.  It’s a little more expensive, but it works :).

It took a while (a very long while) … but Sarah and I finally found a nice hostal for only 25 Euros per person and a bus ticket from Granada to Malaga for 10.75 Euros.  We’ll then have a taxi that shouldn’t be more than 5 Euros per person.  Whew… that was actually really hard, lol ;P.  We must have searched through 20 different hotels and hostels with all kinds of scenerios.  We’d think that some place was perfect, but then reviews would say how there was a disco on the first floor or to stay far away at all costs, lol.  But no worries.  We’re good now ^_^.  I’M SO EXCITED TO GO HOME NOW!

(5)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 25, 2009.

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