Día 32: Granada- Drama y Hanging Around

(1)  Drama

*sighs *  Thank goodness for guy friends when your overwhelmed my girl drama.

(2)  Hanging Out With Shaka

So I was still pretty depressed with the whole Sarah (drama) situation, but we had told Shaka we would meet him at 3:30p to go hiking (and he didn’t have a phone), so I left the apartment on my own.  We didn’t really want to go to the mountains on our own, so we just ended up exploring the rest of Granada.  This city is pretty big!  There was so much I hadn’t been to before :).  We went to the library to study animal names, sat by the river to look for giant goldfish, ran around on the playground (I miss swings and monkey bars so much!), went to the mall (where I saw the CUTEST hamsters EVER!!!!  HERBERT!!!!), walked around a park (it was an very big and … interesting park.  I’ve never seen so much exercise equipment cemented to the ground of a park before, lol), and then I went home :).



Pic.1:  Shaka trying to get shit out of icky water… don’t ask 😛
Pic.2:  Ewwww.. you can almost see my bruises from falling down the stairs :S
Pic.3:  We really studied hard (note:  children’s picture books, lol)
Pic.4:  I ❤ Swings!

(3)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 22, 2009.

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