Día 30: Sevilla- La Cathedral, Crazy Paublo, Hangin’ Out in the Hotel Room

(1)  Cathedral de Sevilla

This is the largest cathedral in Spain and the 3rd largest cathedral in the world (right behind St. Peters and St. Pauls)!   It was pretty awesome.  It was so pretty and huge… we even got to see part of a wedding (that have to be booked years and years in advance :S).  There was also the tomb Christopher Columbus’ bastard son and then the huge “official” tomb of Christopher Columbus himself.  Apparently he has like… 5 different tombs (all with pieces of him), but the one in Sevilla is the official one :P.  The tour guide was telling us stories and she said that Columbus HATED Spain and refused to be buried in Spain.  … that’s why when Spain recovered his body from Cuba, they built the Tomb high above ground… so he could rest above Spain, not in it 😛 (see picture below).



(2) Chillin´by el Picina (Don´t you just love the Spanglish =P lol)

OMGsh, I LOOOOve pools… especially big deep ones with lots of tanning chairs, lol.  The hotel we´re staying at (Hotel de Paco… I wouldn´t be able to forget the name.  Their logo is on everything… towels, glasses… lol) has THE nicest hotel pool I´ve ever been to.  It´s located on the roof and has a gorgeous view.  Me gusta mucho =P.

(3)  Dinner

I know I have NO dinero (money), but I really really REALLY wanted something other than crackers (which is what I’ve eaten for meals for … a few meals now.  Anyhoo… Eli was telling us about this AMAzing Italian place that also sold Mexican food for really cheap (a salad, drink, and a full meal plate for only 5 Euros!!).  The only thing was, she didn’t really know the exact location… and gave us muy mal direcciones (very bad directions).  … Thus we set out with Paublo to try to find the place.  Everyone who we passed on the road hadn’t the slightest clue what we were talking about (Que??  Mexicana y Italiano a las dos!!).   So after about half an hour of walking around, we finally settled for this little Italian place (smaller portions, a little more expensive… but we were so hungry by then, we didn’t care).  I got these pasta meal rolls… it was soooooOOOO good!  I also ate part of Sarah’s food… regular pasta (some people sometimes wastes so much food when they go out!  Maybe it was just the way I was raised … but I just don´t like it when people don´t eat all their food … there are kids in Nigeria that would eat that! jk jk) and part of Paublo’s food (vegetable lasagna… he’s just super skinny and was full… and made me eat it).  It was so good.  Since I didn’t have any money with me, Lindsey spotted me (as she put it:  “You scratch my back, I scratch your back”) so I’ll pay her back when we get to Granada.

(4)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 21, 2009.

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