Día 29: Granada… Singing, Water Park, y Sevilla Manana!

(1)  We Sang in Clase Today, Lol

Haha, so yeah…. we’re currently learning about verbos “freaky” in class with Professadora Sonia.  … hence learning the song that says “me gustan” like… a million times, lol.  It’s actually a love song… and has some French in it as well… it’s funny :P.

Manu Chao – “Me Gustas Tu”

(2)  Gofre (Gaufre <- To Makes Sarah Happy, lol … French Food (or Belgium food? … no sè) = French Word)

These things are SOOOOO good!  It’s not just any waffle… it’s a BELGIUM waffle, lol.  It tastes more like a cake, but not really… has the sugar backed on top of it, and it lathered in milk and dark chocolate topped with whipped cream.  DELICIOUS.  I recommend it.


(3)  Aquaola!!!  (The Water Park)

It was a very random and spur of the moment decision to go to the water park, but I’m glad we went!  And just think, our original plan was for me and Sarah to just go to the park and study today, :P.  We were eating lunch, when Tana just randomly came across an advertisement for this water park in Granada opening today.  She was so excited, we just had to go!  It was awesome.  The water park in located on top of a small mountain… the view.  was.  AMAzing.  There are lots of water slide, raft rides, and a small wave pool.  We didn’t get any pictures with us in it though… sadly… we were to busy having fun, lol.


(4)  Sevilla Manana!

Hopefully this trip will be better than before when we missed our bus and was stranded in the bus station for a while :P.

(5)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 19, 2009.

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