Día 28: Granada

(1)  Spanish Keyboards are so Weird

During the long break (pausa) between my two classes, I usually go to the computer lab to check my email and stuff.  Those Spanish keyboards are so hard to get used to!  Everything except for most of the letters are moved around… and there’s a bunch of extra keys and symbols… it’s so weird.  lol… just something else to get used to in Spain 😛

(2)  I Really Didn’t do Much of Anything Today

Yeeaaahhh… so I have no idea what to write about.  Today had to have been the laziest day of the entire trip :P.   I really didn’t do much today.  I got up, went to class, picked up my Sevilla itinerary (eww… bad Sevilla memories, lol), got home, ate lunch (some weird meat and french fries again), and have just been sitting around playing on the computer, messed around with Photoshop (Me encanta Photoshop mucho!!)… relaxing.  🙂

Photo 22DarkAngel

Randomness with Photoshop.  Fun stuff :D.

(3)  Some Random Quirks/Thoughts About Spain

—  After stepping in a puddle on the street, it’s okay if your instantly think it could be dog pee.  … b/c it usually is.

— Most public bathrooms don’t have toilet seats… even if you have to pay 0.20 Euro to use it.

—  On laundry day, your underwear will most likely be hanging outside for all to see.

— You hardly ever see cats walking around.  Just dogs.

—  The dogs here are so well trained!!  Most of them don´t need a leash, and if the owners want to go into a store, they don´t even have to tell their dog what to do… it just sits patiently (w/o a leash) outside the store =).

— According to my professor, if you’re up at 6 or 7 in the morning to go running or something, you’re crazy and need to see a psychiatrist.

—  Little kids don’t always eat at the same time as the parents.  Kids usually eat at 8:30p or 9:00p while the adults eat at 10:00p or 10:30p.

— During siesta (around 2p… 2:30p until 5p… 6p… depende), almost nothing´s open… not even the marcado!  I guess we Americans are so used to 24/7 gas stations and Wally-World, lol =P.

— The drinking age is 16.  There a lot of crazy people around here, lol.

— Heladerias (Ice Cream stores) are EVERYWHERE!  But I’m not complaining… it’s awesome!  And the quality is so much better than American ice cream too 😀

(4)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 18, 2009.

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