Día 27: Granada- Clase, No Bueno, y Horseback Riding

(1)  Clase- Awww… We’ll Miss You Stephen, Maria Anna, and Josie!

Today was the last day of the half semester at the CLM.  There were three people from my class who took there final exams and have either already boarded a plane for the states or is officially starting vacation ^_^.  I love how our class became friends and stuff.  Hanging out on the breaks, lunch, tapas… it was nice :).  We’re going to miss them!  Two more weeks until my final exam :S lol.

(2)  I Have the CUTEST Brother Ever!


(3)  Horseback Riding

OMGsh, I Love Horseback Riding!!!  ^_^  When I become wealthy (it’ll happen someday, lol), my dream is to have a house in the mountains so I can ride my horses on the trails everyday <333 lol.  Seriously though, I had so much fun.  It might have just made my Espania experience.  I got this beautiful dark brown (almost black… I’ve always liked the extrememes black horses, white horses) mare named Marena.  She was so sweet.  She was very well trained and seemed to really like the walk, lol.  Afterwards, she would nuzzle my side.  It was so cute.  She was so big though, I was afraid she would knock me over, lol.



DSC00791Marena y Yo_Cropped

(4)  Falling… Again

I swear… they need freakin’ grip strips on those %^& (*& marble stairs!  I’ve now got a huge knot and bruise on my leg and scratches on my arm and ankle.  From now on, I’m taking my shoes off to go down the stairs.

(5)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 17, 2009.

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