Día 25: Lagos -> Faro -> Ferry Ride -> Ayamonte ->Huelva -> Sevilla -> Granada… … W.T.F.

(1)  Update on Last Night’s Travels

The short version: We missed both of our buses that we had already paid for, couldn’t get a refund, and then took 2 trains, 3 buses, a ferry, and 2 taxis to get home.

Long version: See (1) of Dia 24 for why all of this started in the first place and details on the first bus… meh.

So yeah… we were stranded without any idea of what to do.  My vote was for staying in Lagos until the next day and then just catching the next bus.  But if we did that, we’d have to pay for a hostel and more meals… but at least we could have some fun and be safe and sound and know how we were going to travel and stuff.  Laura wanted to rent a car… even if none of us were old enough or knew the rules of the road in Europe… or even had a map!  Sarah had no ideas.  So eventually, we were just sitting outside of an internet cafe (hoping to be able to contact our trip supervisors), but there was no internet.  I guess they turn off the internet when the place is closed.  Anyway, we found four other girls who were also taking classes at the CLM and also didn’t make it onto the bus.  They said that they had talked to the lady at the bus station some more and found that you could take a couple of trains to Sevilla for only 8.20 Euros!  It sounded to good to be true… so we went.

So the train part was really easy.  It took a few hours… and then with the connection train and waiting for it in between.  So it took a little while, but it was easy.  We took the first train from Lagos to Faros, and then a second train from Faros to … the train ticket says V. Real S. Antonio.  I call it the middle of nowhere.  That train did not take us to Sevilla like the bus lady had said.  We talked to some people and they said we had to take the ferry to cross the river.  We did that and… well… that wasn’t Sevilla either.  The ticket says Ayamonte?  Anyways, we met up with this really nice Belgium couple who were also having the same problems trying to get to Granada (it’s surprising how many people were in the same situation… there’s now like… 9 of us… :S).  Anyhoo, we went with them on the 40 minute walk clear across town to the bus station hoping to get on a bus to Sevilla.  It was closed.


Heehee… that’s Sarah’s penguin ^_^

We sat around the empty bus station thinking we were stranded in the middle of nowhere (all of the shops were closed and everything).  Finally a bus came by and told us that in another hour, another bus could be by that could take us on the way to Sevilla.  We would just need to pay him on the bus.  We took that bus to Huelva, where we were supposed to catch the next bus.  We got there and the other bus was already there.  The older Belgium couple told us to hurry, it was bus 24 and it wouldn’t be there for much longer.  Laura just walked on, but the bus driver stopped Sarah and I and asked for our tickets.  We asked if we could pay right there, and he said no, you have to go to the bus station.  Well… we RAN.  The person at the ticket booth was talking on the phone, so when she got off, we asked her to hurry… we needed tickets for the bus that was already here.  She didn’t speak much English, and was annoyed at our pathetic attempts at Spanish, and therefore took SO much time getting us our tickets.  As we ran out of the station tickets in hand, we watched as the bus pulled out of the station and drove away.  Laura was still on the bus.

We waited another hour and a half for the next bus from Huelva to Sevilla, took that, and got into Sevilla at around 9:00p.  From there, we had to get to the other bus station on the other side of the city to catch a bus into Granada, so we slit a taxi to get there.  We then bought a bus ticket for the 11:00p bus to Granada.  11:00p rolls around and we’re still waiting.  11:10p… 11:20p… 11:30p.   Finally it shows up and we’re able to get home, but don’t pull into the Granada bus station until about 3:30 in the morning.  We then take another taxi to our apartment.

We were so tired, but not being able to eat really anything all day long, we weren’t able to sleep.  Sarah and I crept upstairs where our dinner of rock hard hamburgers were waiting for us.  We threw that away and microwaved some shitty mushy stuff (don’t ask me what it was :S) and ate that while I talked to John on Skype about the past events…

So yeah… I wasted about $40 (not to mention I STILL havn’t been refunded for the 20 Euro concert ticket that never happened)… and am horrifyingly EXHAUSTED.  😥


The tickets Sarah and I needed to get to and back from Portugal

In this photo: Granada–Sevilla, Sevilla–Granada (we were late so we couldn’t use these), Lagos–S Antonio, Sevilla–Lagos (so much for the “open return trip”), Middle of nowhere–Heulva, Huelva–Sevilla, Sevilla–Granada ticket #2

Not pictured:

City bus tickets to Granada bus station
City bus tickets from Prado bus station to Plaza de Armas bus station, Sevilla
Ferry tickets Portugal to Spain
Taxi tickets… one for one side of Sevilla to the other… and the other from the Granada bus station to home

(2)  Missing Classes

After not getting back to the apartment until 3:30 in the morning, then eating a dinner of mush, and crying to John (while I ate mush), I PASSED OUT… I was so tired.  It was maybe 5:00 in the morning.  I slept past Sarah waking up in the middle of the night with a hurt leg.  I slept past the crazy hammering that happens every morning.  Sarah and I both slept through our alarm.  We missed both of our classes and didn’t wake up until 1:30p.  According to my friend Shaka (another 1A student), today was probably the worst day to miss.  They went over a LOT of new stuff.  He says I was missed though :).  I’m not looking forward to class tomorrow…

(3)  Slumdog Millionaire!!!

I love this movie!!  Since we were still tired from yesterday and didn’t really have anything to do today, Sarah and I watched Slumdog millionaire (she’s been trying to get me to watch it since… at least this past semester plus, lol).  It was so good!  I definitely recommend it.


(4)  Update on Money Problems

I emailed my mom asking her if we could try a ParentPlus loan (because of the low interest rate and low monthly installments).  All we would need is to put it in my parents’ name.  She wrote back today *signs *.  My mom and dad have reached their borrowing limit.  They’re going to apply for the ParentPlus, but doubt that they’ll get it.  Because of when the house burnt down a few years ago and just the business not always doing so great, my parents are in a SHIT load of debt and can’t borrow any more.  They’re already giving me the $1000 for my birthday present and then another $1000 that they have been saving up for years so that they could take an anniversary trip (their first one) someday.  I feel so bad… and I still don’t have enough for the coming fall semester.  I’m short about another $3000.  I’m working on trying to get another loan, but I don’t know what to do.  If anyone out there has any suggestions, it’d be much appreciated.  😥

(5)  I Miss my John <333

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