Día 24: Bye Bye Bus, Lagos -> Faro -> Ferry Ride -> ???

(1)  Waving Our First Bus Goodbye

We woke up at 5:30 in the morning to catch our 6:30 bus.  We arrived at the bus station at 6:00 and waited.  We were the first ones there.  When getting on the bus, the bus driver was like… “This isn’t a ticket.  You need a ticket.  I can’t let you on.”  We were just like… WTF.  We went to the ticket lady and she told us that what the people in Sevilla had sold us were open return tickets.  We were supposed to have stopped by to reserve our seats… and now there was only one spot left… and there was four of us.  The next bus wasn’t for another day at least.  One of the girls took the one seat (why should all of us suffer? … I just really wish I was the one who took the spot) and Sarah, Laura, and I were left staring in agony as the bus pulled away leaving us stranded in Lagos.

(2)  Trains

We were sitting outside of an internet cafe trying to contact our API supervisors, but without any success (I guess they turn off the internet when the place is closed).  We saw some girls we recognized from the bus station who I guess got denied a ride too.  After talking to them for a little bit, they said that they were going to take a train for only 8.20 Euros to Sevilla.  It sounded like a really good deal!  Sevilla was the halfway point that we would have normally have gotten to with one bus.  We just had to take two trains (a connection one in Faros) and a ferry across a river and we should be in Sevilla in time for our other bus.  Things are looking up after all.

I’ve never taken a train before!  Maybe something interesting will come out of this bad situation.  I get to say that I rode on a train in Europe!  ^_^

(3)  Bitchy-ness

Laura = intense headache lately.  I don’t like it.  She was so hungover/bitchy today, even Sarah spoke badly of her.  She would snap at us for everything.  “Why don’t you just pick a place??” -> after giving us 3 seconds to decide.  “Stop being so loud” -> I’m talking normally… you’re the one with a hangover!  “Pick a place and be desisive for once!” -> Oh, we were going somewhere?  I’m just strolling around town.  She refused to really be close to us (I didn’t mind… but Sarah’s feelings were hurt… and that´s just not exceptable… grr Laura, grrrr) unless she wanted something.  She was constantly making stupid decisions and wouldn’t listen to reason (ex:  She insisted on renting a car every other second when none of us are 21 or have an international driver’s liseanse… or know the rules of the road or even know how to get back!).  *sighs * … 2.5 more weeks…

(4)  Faros

I am now sitting at an internet cafe which is part of the Faros train station.  This is craziness… I just want to go home!  Oh well… at least this place is decently cute… and has free internet!! Woot!


(5)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 14, 2009.

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