Día 22: Lagos- Yay Internet! y More Beach Time

(1)  Yay for Sleeping in

That’s what vacations are for, right??  lol.  I went to bed last night with full intentions of waking up early and going for a jog around the town (it’s such a cute place.  I feel completely safe here), but yeeeaaahhh… that didn’t happen, lol.  I ended up sleeping in until about 11:30 Lagos time (5 hours ahead of Atlanta time) after going to bed at 11:30p ^_^.  Out of the four people on the trip, I was the second one up!  heehee

(2)  More Beach Time

So far, I’ve managed not to get burnt.  Let’s hope I stay that way!  lol.  I was so worried about Sarah the other day.  She suddenly started to bubble all over her back.  I don’t burn often, so I had no idea that the bubbling just meant she was peeling.  I totally freaked out, lol.  All is good now though.

Today we took a small ferry across the river to check out the biggest beach in Lagos.  As with all the beaches, it was absolutely beautiful!  It was about five times as long as the beach we went to yesterday.  The rolls of water were strong too.  Sarah and I had so much fun jumping through the waves.  I love Lagos beaches.  There are no (less) nudists except for on the nudists beach like in San Jose…

(3)  Woot for Internet!!!

I got online today to find 68 new emails smiling and waiting for me :P.

ANYhoo, I found this really cute little internet cafe not even a block away from where we’re staying called Bora Cafe.  It has THE best iced coffees … DELICIOUS… and free, fast, wireless internet.  It’s awesome :D.

(4)  Pizza Hut!!
We’re in Lagos, Portugal… and were having Pizza Hut pizza, lol =D.  It was SOOOOO good though!  It was an awesome Pizza Hut… complete with a terrace with Coca-Cola tables and chairs, pretty decorations, a beautiful view of the Marina de Lagos, and waiters in nice clothes and ties.  I loved the view.  We sat outside looking over the marina.  Because a lot of tourists come through Lagos, they had a “tourists” section where there was a special for 4, 6, and 10 friends.  We ordered the 4 friends special which consisted of two medium pizzas (three toppings), 4 breadsticks, and 4 bowls of 2 scoops of ice cream each for 6.99 Euros per person.  It was delicious.  Laura (because she’s a vegetarian) and I split a pineapple, bell pepper, and mushroom pizza (Sarah and Caitlin had an all meat pizza) and I got some of the ham off of Caitlin’s pizza.  The breadsticks were magnificent.  OMG… and then the ice cream… aMAAAAzing.  I had mint chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip ice cream… it was gourmet.  *happiness sighs *  ^_^

(5)  Stargazing
After dinner, Sarah, Caitlin, Laura, and I went and sat on a bench by the river (in front of the big pirate ship, lol) just to relax and soak in the view.  It was so funny.  We had so many people walking past us on the big cobblestone road in front of us.  We made friends with a lot of them (my favorite was the cute 1 year old little girl who would wave hi and them run back to the safety of her mother’s leg).  The stars, like the rest of Lagos, are soooo pretty.  We were sitting out there, just talking and soaking in the atmosphere for at least an hour and a half.  Beautimous.

(6)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 12, 2009.

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