Día 21: Lagos- Perfect Beaches, Angelina Jolie’s House, y Other Craziness

Thursday, June 11, 2009

(1)  The Beaches
Lagos has about nine or ten beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.  Some of them are so small!   I mean TINY tiny.  It’s pretty funny, but they’re still really nice.  I swear, the water couldn’t get any clearer.  It was so pretty.  That along with the rock formations, city skyline, clear skies, and birds… this place is so beautiful.  There are a lot of honey-mooners around (they make it quite obvious, lol).  We ended up spending most of our time today at the closest (and biggest) beach.  It was really pretty… and almost everyone kept their tops on, lol.  I had a really nice conversation with Caitlin earlier too.  Laura and Sarah had gone to get pina-coladas, so Caitlin just hung out in the ocean.  We talked about life, home, our friends, and I was able to get some feelings off of my chest about some people here.  I’m really glad I was able to talk to her.  I feel so alone here sometimes.  It’s just homesickness though I guess.  No worries :).  Two more weeks.


The beaches ^_^

(2)  Ello Mates!  🙂
There are so many Australian people here!  it’s really funny actually.  Our land lady was telling us how a whole bunch of them come for semesters at a time all the time, at every time throughout the year.  I love their accents… and they very friendly.  …sometimes a little to friendly, but not as bad as some of the Spaniards, lol.  It’s all good.

(3)  The Grotto’s (Caves)
For 7.5 Euros, we got to go on an hour long boat ride of the Grottos… a series of caves and other rock formations around the area.  There were all kinds of formations, the elephants, the crazy witch, king king, the titanic… lol… the list goes on and on.  Our tour guide was pretty funny too.  Just about everyone here speaks English, so it was easy to understand everything he had to say during the tour.  .. and he would get so excited too, lol.  We even got to see the house Angelina Jolie is supposedly planning on buying, lol.  I dunno… I think it looks like a big brown box (:P) but for $12 million, it has a great view.  It’s so pretty around here.



Last pic:  House Angelina Jolie is thinking of buying 😛

(4)  VH1
Wow, so I haven’t sat down and watched VH1 for so long, lol.  It kind of reminds me of when I was younger (like in junior high and early high school) and I would write a bunch of poems and songs, and sing and play them on my piano.  Good times.  Song writing and singing is such a good way to relive stress… and just to let all of the bottled up emotions flow.  🙂

ANYHOO, although here… it’s a little different.  The type of song they play really says something about the culture it’s from, lol.  The songs in french are all romantically sappy, the songs in spanish feel like you could salsa to them or something that it would be played at a disco, the songs from America are all rap and hip hop (or Justin Timberlake or Brittany Spears), lol.  It’s entertaining.

(6)  So Much Drunken Craziness!!!
Apparently Lagos is a pretty infamous spring break hang out… and I don’t mean because of the pretty beaches.  They have an entire section devoted to bars and clubs.  It’s not exactly my idea of a good time, but some of the people here have the rest of their nights planned out.

(7)  Dinner
A big bowl of vegetable soup, a humongous burger, a pile of the best fries I’ve ever eaten, and purple cole-slaw.  … all for just 6 Euros.  I love the food here ^_^.

(8)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 12, 2009.

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