Día 20: LAGOS!!- My Ass Hurts, LAGOS!!, y Random People

Miércoles, diez de Junio
Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(1)  Falling
Yeah… I fell down the stairs today.  But no worries!  .. to much.  I didn’t break anything.  It just hurt.  A lot.  We were in a hurry (didn’t want to miss our bus to Seville) and going down the steps of our apartment.  Now these things are marble-ish… and there’s no caution/grip strips on them.  I was wearing my flip flops (not the best gripping shoes ever) and about halfway down the staircase I slipped, landed on my butt, fell to the bottom of the staircase, scrapped my arm on the wall along the way, and at the bottom, my suitcase landed on top of me.  It was not the best way to start the day.

(2)  Bus Rides
It was long.  And tiring.  And Long.  And boring.  And my butt still hurt from falling down the stairs.  We left the house at 8:30 this morning and didn’t get into Lagos (going back an hour with the time difference) until almost 9:20p.  By car, we probably could have made it by 3:00p, but buses take so many stops and such… it was a long day.

(3)  Lagos
I ❤ LAGOS!!  It’s such a cute little town, and we live right in the middle of it!  The old part of town (within the walls of old Lagos) spans  about a 15 minute walk across and is so cute with it’s cute little shops, bakery, and restaurants, cute cobblestone streets, and cutesy art and statues (there’s a statue of their old king in the main square… even the locals say it looks like a little kid molded a astronaut out of play dough, lol).  The Atlantic ocean is less than a five minute walk away and the seagulls that fly around are just kind of cool to look at and listen to.  There are a bunch of beaches around here (I think we’re going to a few tomorrow).  There’s rumors that Angelina Jo Lee is buying a house on the beach not 10 minutes from here, lol.  It’s so pretty.

(4)  Casa Amerela
Props to myself for finding this place, lol.  It’s AWESOME!  It’s more than we would get for a hotel, but for so much cheaper (about 20 American dollars a night)!  I guess technically it’s a hostel, but we get our own fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, two bedrooms (Sarah and I get our own beds in one room and Laura and Caitlin share a big bed in the other room), a living room with two big couches, cable TV, a balcony, laundry services, and fresh towels.  It’s really nice!  The only thing we don’t have that I wish we did is internet… so I have no idea when I’ll actually get around to posting this, lol.  Everything is decorated really cute, and the service is amazing!!  The lady who welcomed us in was so cute.  She spoke really good English (Lagos is mainly made up of Portuguese… almost all who know English… and Australians, who obviously all know English.  It’s really cool.. and nice to have people around who understand what you’re trying to say :D).  She was super sweet and was telling us all the places we should visit and the best places to eat for really cheap.  Yaaaaaay!

(5)  Dinner
It was DELICIOUS!!!  I had a huge plate of 4 cheese tortellini with slices of ham and cream… SOOO good.  … and all only for 4 Euros!!  … tax included.  That’s one of the things I like about buying things in Europe.  They already include the tax on the price tag so you always know exactly how much you’re spending and you don’t have all that extra change jingling around :P.  We were all this cute little Italian place… “Mama Mia’s” (A very original Italian name btw, lol)… sitting at a nice table outside with happy live entertainment off the streets and a small carousal nearby with christmas lights and carousal animals of all kinds… a monkey, a camel, a bull, and donkey, a lion, an iguana, etc.  It was such a happy atmosphere.  It lifted my spirits a bit 🙂

(6)  Yay for a diverse company
I’m so glad Caitlin came to Lagos too (it’s me, Caitlin, Laura, and Sarah).  I just can’t keep up with Laura sometimes… it’s like she never gets tired!  And when we really don’t have the same interests… it’s just nice to have someone who sometimes likes to do the same things as I do. 🙂

(7)  Old friendships
Sarah is one of my best friends from Tech.  I mean, apart from John (who’s been #1 since FASET), there’s just her and JoAnn.  I love her like a sister… but I guess this is the first time I’ve actually really lived with her and spend all day … day after day with her.  It’s not her fault, she’s just being her… but I guess I’ve just kind of been disappointed in my own expectations.  The whole Spain experience just hasn’t been what I was expecting.  I guess I was thinking something like San Francisco with Sweta last year… constantly running around, having fun, exploring new places, trying new things, learning new concepts.  Sweta and I are just more alike than Sarah and I.  Sarah likes to go out partying and drinking with Laura, does some things I don’t want to do, goes places where I don’t want to go, and just acts differently than I thought she would.  I dunno… it just wasn’t what I was expecting… and it makes me kind of sad sometimes.

(8)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 12, 2009.

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