Día 16 y 17: Cabo de Gata, San Jose! … Vamos a La Playa, Naked People, y Random People

Día 16

(1)  Cabo de Gata, San Jose


Omg… this place is SOOOOO beautiful… words just can’t describe 🙂

(2)  Paublo

(3)  Playa de San Jose (The Beach!)



(4)  Crazy Cold!  … But I Still Love Helado ^_^

Mente Choc (mint chocolate chip) y Pistachio.  Omg, it was SOOOO cold outside.  As soon as the sun goes down, the weather in Spain becomes completely different.  ….windy, freezing… I hadn’t thought to bring a jacket… or even pants!  I mean… it’s the beach… but in Spain.  After we had been walking for a little while, we ran into a group of other API students who were coming back from dinner.  Kayla (from the other group) wouldn’t let me leave without at least borrowing her scarf, so I wrapped that around myself and continued on for our ice cream :).

(5)  Lindsey


(6)  I Miss my John <333

On to Today:  Día 17


… but no worries.  I’ve got this ^_^.

(2)  Playa de Los Genoveses



(3) Naked People

Yeah… there will be no pictures for this part, lol.  These people who were nude (and I mean birthday suit nude) were NOT the most attractive people ever… omg.. I think I’m scarred for life, lol.  I guess it’s just a common thing in Europe… but still!  Omg… there are beaches specifically for nude prople for a reason… but this one was just public… and I guess the locals do whatever they want >.<.

There was this one group of naked people who weren’t to far from us.  Three of the guys played a lot of soccer, another guy did yoga (yeah… the plank position… was not pretty XP), and then there was this other naked guy and girl were making out… basically doing it standing up… when they pulled away… HELLo… >.<

Spain in interesting.

(4)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 7, 2009.

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