Día 14: Granada… Shopping, Mountain Biking, y Tarea…

(1)  Me Gusto Comprar Con Sarah ^_^

I need to stop going into shops.  It seems every time I see something in the window that I like, I end up browsing other shops as well and usually buy SOMEthing.  😛  At least what I bought today was really cheap ^_^.  It’s fun though.  I mean common… when’s the next time I’m going to be in Europe??  😀

I especially like shopping with just Sarah though.  When there’s other people… I dunno… the other people we’ve shopped with just don’t like the same things I do and are just… very opinionated :S.  But anyhooooo… shopping in Europe is fun :).

Photo 1Photo 4

New shirt ^_^

(2)  Mountain Biking

It was SOOOO MUCH FUN!  I’m so glad I decided to do it.  We didn’t go riding through the mountains (We’re right next the Sierra Nevada mountains… muy bonita… I want to go hiking so bad!!) like I thought we would.  We actually just rode for about an hour around the city.  It was a pretty facil (easy) ride… except for the very end … all uphill XS… lol.  It was fun though.  I haven’t ridden a bike since about half a semester ago when I borrowed John’s bike to go to the Atlanta post office… and then before that… YEARS, lol.  Next up… horseback riding!!  I’m so excited ^_^.


(3)  Me Tarea (Homework)

My favorite part of being in 1A:  The homework is RIDICULOUSLY easy ^_^.  Some of my friends in the upper levels are having to write essays, do research… I just have to fill out these little worksheets that take me maybe… 10 minutes tops.  😛  It’s pretty awesome.  I don’t really feel like I’m learning to much new stuff though… and that’s a bit disappointing.  It’s mainly just brushing up and solidifying what I already know.  I mean… I’m okay with that.  I’m just a bit envious of all the people who sound so fluent (they make mistakes too, but it’s not like I notice :P).  I want to know how to speak another language!

(4)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 4, 2009.

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