Día 13: Granada… Spanish Movies y Random Thoughts

(1)  “Fuga de Cerebros”

We went to see a Spanish movie today!  It was pretty awesome.  It’s a comedy about this nerdy (excuse me… awkward… muy muy MUY awkward… but so guapo!!  lol) guy, whose in love with the smartest, prettiest girl in the school (who he’s known since he was a small kid… kind of like the Peter/ Mary Jane relationship scenario).  When she gets a scholarship to study in Oxford, his crazy friends do all kinds of crazy antics to help him get the same scholarship and to fit in to the English city with her and to impress her.  Because it was set at Oxford, it was pretty funny to see a movie in Spain where sometimes they would speak in English and I’d under stand it… but there would be Spanish subtitles.  ^_^.  I didn’t actually understand most of the movie dialogue, but I got the main points and what was going on =D.


(2)  I Miss my John <333

~ by Candis on June 3, 2009.

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