Día 12: Granada… Mi Classes de Espanol…


As if I had to explain… phhfff…. lol.  *complete happiness *

(2) Level 1A

I think my self esteem was shot a little bit (I guess I wouldn’t have been able to make it with the big kids)… but I’ll be okay.  After my test yesterday, they had told me that I had scored a level 1B on every part of my examine (and no, I didn’t misunderstand them, b/c they even showed me the paper… it clearly said “1B.”)  I got online last night to check what classroom I was in and it said I was in 1A.  *sighs *.  I’m the only API person in there.  I feel like the stupid person in the API group… and my group of “friends” sometimes too.  Friggin’ Laura talks to me like I’m retarded or something.  Grrrrr…

(3)  Primero Día de Classe

Homework 1:  Find a new Spanish boyfriend  ;P (probably not going to do that assignment ^_^) …

Haha, my first professor, professor Alfondzo, is a pretty cool guy.  He’s so goofy… and crazy active!  At least being placed back in 1A has it’s perks!  We have his class every Monday through Friday from 9:00 – 11:00.  Today, class was pretty easy.  We just learned how to introduce ourselves and learned about each other’s backgrounds and stuff… in Spanish.  There are only maybe 9 of us in the class.  It makes it easier to learn ^_^.  It was kind of funny.  Prof Alfonso like to throw things at us ;P.  He was this little stress ball globe, and when he throws it at us, we have to answer questions in Spanish.  He also has this little metal ball that makes jingling sounds when you shake it.  Same concept.  It’s definitely going to be an interesting semester :).

Homework 2:  Go to the CLM office and find a Spaniard whose learning English and write emails back and forth… a.k.a. find a Spanish pen-pal.  (I might actually do this assignment)

I like the other students in my class.  At first, I thought I was the youngest one, but there’s this guy, Stephen, whose only 17!  He’s going to be a senior in high school next year and is just studying abroad for fun.  There’s also Josie, who’s 60, Maria Ann, who’s 30 and is learning Spanish to better be able to communicate with her husband in his first language.  There’s Audige and Manuela, two other 20 year old Americans.  There’s Odd (Yes, his name is Odd), the 27 year old Norwegian.  There’s Noa, the 26 year old from Israel.  And then there’s Christine and Sarah, a 24 and 26 year old from the States as well.  It’s an interesting mix.

Homework #3:  A couple of exercises from a worksheet.  It shouldn’t take me more than maybe 5 minutes to finish ^_^.

After Alfonso’s oral class, we have a grammar and writing class with Professor Sonia from 11:00 to 1:00p.  She’s really sweet… not as funny as Alfonso, but still a great teacher.  With her we learned (freshened up for me ^_^… my favorite part about being in 1A is that I’m the most knowledgeable of Spanish student there ;P) our pronunciations, alfabeto, nationalities, and some grammar on what we had learned in Alfonso’s class.  It was pretty cool.

(4) I Miss my John <333

So John had given me a CD for my 20th Birthday to listen to while I was abroad… and I can’t stop listening to it.  I miss my sweetheart … ❤

~ by Candis on June 2, 2009.

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